What Exactly is a Web Application, Anyway?

When I tell people my business is building and maintaining Web sites and Web applications and providing WordPress support services, I get interesting reactions.

Pretty much everyone knows what a Web site is.

Fellow WordPress developers/designers and WordPress Do-It-Yourselfers (people who build and manage their own WordPress Web sites) know what WordPress support means.

But many people don’t understand what I mean by “Web application“.

In this article, I attempt to explain.
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Use Custom Fields to Hide Stale Posts

Custom fields in WordPress (meta-data) can be extremely handy for controlling how you display your blog posts. In this article, I describe how I used custom fields — together with modifying the WordPress loop for the site’s front page — to solve a not uncommon problem: When blog posts about events from the far past show up in the “Recent Posts” section of a site’s home page, visitors might react negatively. It’s a little like letting newspapers pile up in your driveway when you’re on vacation: people might think you’re lazy or not home. Deleting such posts isn’t the answer.
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Offer Live Chat for Enhanced Customer Engagement and Sales

Tawk.to plugin image

Live Chat is here to stay, and smart businesses everywhere and in every industry are using it to provide the immediate personal touch that their prospects and customers long for. In this blog post, I discuss the Live Chat software I’m currently using (Tawk.to) and offer some reasons you ought to consider going “Live Chat” as soon as possible.
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Enhanced Media Library Pro Plugin for WordPress: First Look

While building a WordPress powered e-commerce website for a bridal shop that could have thousands of images to manage, I quickly realized we’d need a much better way to manage images than navigating through hundreds of Media Library screens — especially considering the very limited functionality of the native WordPress Media Library.

I considered several solutions before remembering that I had used the Enhanced Medial Library plugin (free version) on another client site. This is a first look at Enhanced Medial Library Pro (although I suppose it’s also a first look at the free version).

Spoiler alert: For a one-time payment of $25 for unlimited lifetime updates for unlimited sites, you might not have to read past this summary.

(But please do.)
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Do I Need to Hire a WordPress Developer? – Part 1

Friends, family, acquaintances, and clients often ask the question, “Do I really need to hire a WordPress developer”? While WordPress is an extremely accessible tool for building Web sites, there are some reasons to consider bringing in a professional. In this admittedly thinly-veiled pitch, I offer some insights that focus on the potential problems associated with WordPress plugins – and how professional WordPress developers can avoid and address them.
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Ferncliff Cemetery Website

Ferncliff Cemetery is a non-sectarian cemetery located in Westchester County, New York, serving families throughout greater New York with dignity and respect since 1902. In 2010, a client of mine who is a consultant of theirs engaged me to redesign and rebuild their original site in the first of two phases. That rebuild was launched in 2011.

Phase 2 came in the fall of 2014. The site needed a new, modern, mobile friendly look and needed to more clearly describe and showcase Ferncliff’s various memorilization options.
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FooGallery Plugin for WordPress: First Look

The demise of the once unrivalled NextGen Gallery plugin for WordPress has nudged me to look for a replacement for several clients’ WordPress Web sites. My criteria for replacement candidates are simple, and I think I may have found it: FooGallery. This article is a first look at this gallery plugin.
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Read Blogs More Efficiently (and Enhance your Blog Reading Experience) Using Categories and Tags

Boy, if there isn’t a whole lot of junk out there on the Web! But there’s also a lot of good stuff. Unfortunately, finding the good stuff can be difficult. So much of that junk just gets in the way. Even if you’ve found a blog (or blogs) you like to read, you might be spending too much time sifting through articles that are of no real interest to you. At some point, you probably give up. This article is written for people who read blogs. If you’re one of them, the tips herein might make your blog-surfing time more efficient and rewarding.
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Which Categories and Tags Should I Use?

For people who are new to blogging, the concepts of Categories and Tags can be confusing. The first challenge is understanding what they are and how they differ. The next challenge is using them effectively. The purpose of this article is to offer guidance in addressing that second challenge.
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Hayes Shutters Online Ordering System

Word-of-mouth referrals are still our favorite source of new business. One day no so long ago, I called a fellow (actually lady) Web developer after reading her humorous and all-too-familiar account of a “sales call from hell” on her Facebook timeline. After some commiserating, we shared highlights of recent projects and agreed to think of each other if and when opportunities to collaborate arise. Before we hung up (a soon-to-be-obsolete metaphor, I imagine), I had contact information for two prospects who might need my services. A little more than a month later, one of those prospects became a client. This article describes my first project with that client.
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