How To Get 1,000 Twitter Followers In 24 Hours: Follow 1,016 People On Twitter

I’m kidding with this title, but it’s no joke. This does appear to be the strategy many follow to get Twitter followers. Call me curmudgeonly. But please explain it to me like I’m a six year-old: How does one follow 1,000 people on Twitter (not to mention 99,953)?
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Mistaking Me For Someone Who Cares

We all know that guy, the guy who tweets 48 times a day and appears never to have had an unexpressed thought. The guy who makes you think, “I’m sorry, but you must be mistaking me for someone who cares.” It’s easy to let the fear of becoming that guy discourage us from blogging and posting to social networks. Don’t. You’re probably not that guy. And if you start becoming that guy, people who care about you will let you know.
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Social Networking is a little like Baseball

Social networking is a little like baseball. Neither is rocket surgery, but both have their complexities and nuances. If you’ve decided to finally take the plunge, to give social networking the old college try, I say go for it. But have patience. Be prepared to tread water for a while. Every social network has its own peculiarities that take some time to comprehend.
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Today I tried to contact someone a trusted friend referred me to. My friend had given me the link to the fellow’s page. A page on which I could find no telephone number. No email address. (Forget about a snail-mail address.) When I clicked his page’s Email Me button, I was given the opportunity to send him a message — but only if I either joined or authorized to access my Facebook or Twitter accounts. Is it just me, or is anyone else annoyed by this kind of crapola?
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Short(er) Form Video


If you’re scratching your head over Vine and Instagram video, Mitch Joel offers an interesting perspective in last week’s Short(er) Form Video blog article on Six Pixels of Separation. Money quote:

Who knows if Vine or Instagram will win this short-form social sharing video war? We just need to be asking better questions. For every “who cares?” or “why does this matter to my brand?,” it may be wiser to ask, “who is using this?” and “are they doing anything interesting with it?”.

14 days exploring Pinterest, Day #3

Much of Day #3 in my 14 days exploring Pinterest involved more academic/meta activity: reading about Pinterest. Suddenly struck by the realization that I wasn’t following the very advice I give to every client who has ever asked me how to get started on social networks, I closed most of my browser windows and took actual, concrete (an odd term to use for something on the Internet, no?) steps to end the hypocrisy.
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14 days exploring Pinterest, Day #1

Despite the many enthusiastic testimonials I’ve heard and read (or at least seen headlines for in my newsreader) about the power of Pinterest to grow one’s business, I haven’t gotten it yet.

So I’ve decided to embark on a 14-day journey into Pinterest Land. I plan spend at least 24 minutes a day exploring and/or pinning to Pinterest. And I plan to post a daily update documenting my findings and my evolution as a Pinner (is that the right way to say it?). This is my post for Day 1.
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Custom Facebook Tab Using iFrame

When the owners of S&J’s Woodfired Pizza wanted to let their customers and fans know where their portable pizza oven was going to be and when, we could have installed one of many “event” plugins in their WordPress site. Instead, I decided to adapt and integrate a nifty little PHP/MySQL-based events-management system I developed years ago. Sometimes, using this kind of hybrid approach is a great way to extend a WordPress Web site.
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