14 days exploring Pinterest, Day #3

Much of Day #3 in my 14 days exploring Pinterest involved more academic/meta activity: reading about Pinterest. Suddenly struck by the realization that I wasn’t following the very advice I give to every client who has ever asked me how to get started on social networks, I closed most of my browser windows and took actual, concrete (an odd term to use for something on the Internet, no?) steps to end the hypocrisy.
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14 days exploring Pinterest, Day #1

Despite the many enthusiastic testimonials I’ve heard and read (or at least seen headlines for in my newsreader) about the power of Pinterest to grow one’s business, I haven’t gotten it yet.

So I’ve decided to embark on a 14-day journey into Pinterest Land. I plan spend at least 24 minutes a day exploring and/or pinning to Pinterest. And I plan to post a daily update documenting my findings and my evolution as a Pinner (is that the right way to say it?). This is my post for Day 1.
Ok. I’m hooked… let me read the full article →