Underlining for Emphasis: How to un-underline text on a Web page with CSS

No matter how loudly and often we tell our clients who maintain their own Web sites (via WordPress and other CMS-driven platforms) that using underlining for emphasis on the Web is a very bad idea, many of them do it anyway. This article explains, first of all, why this practice is a bad idea, and then it offers a simple CSS solution for removing underlines that shouldn’t appear on Web pages.
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HTML5 Outliner


If you run your HTML5 Web page through the w3.org validator, there’s a good chance your document’s outline will not show up. I wish I could offer a good explanation of why that is. But I can’t. However, if you want to see your HTML5 document’s outline, paste your URL in the URL box of this HTML5 outliner. (This online Web-page outliner will also outline pages with other doctypes.)

Everything you could ever want to know about the role and importance of HTML headings in Web documents, including blogs

Many of the best marketing minds of our time agree that regularly and frequently publishing online content that establishes you as an authority in your field is today’s cold-calling. It’s a no-brainer that blogging is potentially your best tool for executing a content marketing strategy that earns you the attention, trust, and engagement you seek. But not all blogs are created equal. Blogs that aren’t readable aren’t read. And there are a whole lot of unreadable blogs out there. In this article, I focus on one aspect of blog writing that can make a huge difference in how readable your blogs are: subheadings.
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