Read Blogs More Efficiently (and Enhance your Blog Reading Experience) Using Categories and Tags

Boy, if there isn’t a whole lot of junk out there on the Web! But there’s also a lot of good stuff. Unfortunately, finding the good stuff can be difficult. So much of that junk just gets in the way. Even if you’ve found a blog (or blogs) you like to read, you might be spending too much time sifting through articles that are of no real interest to you. At some point, you probably give up. This article is written for people who read blogs. If you’re one of them, the tips herein might make your blog-surfing time more efficient and rewarding.
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Which Categories and Tags Should I Use?

For people who are new to blogging, the concepts of Categories and Tags can be confusing. The first challenge is understanding what they are and how they differ. The next challenge is using them effectively. The purpose of this article is to offer guidance in addressing that second challenge.
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One suggestion for writing blog articles that don’t suck

If you write, edit, or publish blog articles, you probably don’t wake up in the morning hoping your blog articles suck. But let’s face it: so many blog articles DO suck. In this short article, I’ll share my extremely simple and fundamental rule for writing blog articles that don’t suck. (If it weren’t for all the evidence to the contrary, this advice would be so obvious as to be unnecessary.)
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Embedded Facebook Posts available to all

As of today, Facebook’s embedded posts feature is available to all Facebook users. This feature allows owners of Web properties (like WordPress Web sites and blogs) to embed Facebook posts into those properties.

One might think, “It’s about time,” since we’ve been able to embed tweets in our Web properties for a long time. But hey, better late than never, right?

Check out this post for a live example.

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