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Ferncliff Cemetery is a non-sectarian cemetery located in Westchester County, New York, serving families throughout greater New York since 1902. In 2010, a client of mine who is a consultant of theirs engaged me to redesign and rebuild their original site in the first of two phases. That rebuild was launched in 2011.

Phase 2 came in the fall of 2014. The site needed a new, modern, mobile friendly look and needed to more clearly describe and showcase Ferncliff’s various memorilization options.

New Mobile Responsive Look

The new look of the new site better conveys the beauty and tranquility of Ferncliff Cemetery’s mausolea and grounds. All public-facing pages of the Web site — including those build on custom page templates populated from data sources outside of WordPress — scale gracefully and beautifully on all devices.

Ferncliff Cemetery Web-sie screen capture - Home Page


It is no surprise to anyone who has ever visited Ferncliff Cemetery and toured its expansive and beautiful mausolea and grounds that it is the choice of many of America’s most famous and accomplished people as their final resting place. Visitors from around the world visit Ferncliff, many to view the memorials of these notable individuals, including Governor Nelson Rockefeller, singer Judy Garland, and civil rights leader Malcolm X. A custom database stores and serves information about these notables, and visitors to the site can view memorials by location.

Ferncliff Cemetery Web-sie screen capture - Notables

Memorialization Options

The various mausolea and grounds, and the various burial and cremation options offered at Ferncliff Cemetery are also managed and displayed through custom page templates and custom programming that cross-references locations and options.

Ferncliff Cemetery Web-sie screen capture - Mausolea and Grounds

Backend CRM

Website visitors who wish to receive additional information about Ferncliff Cemetery — in the form of high-quality, high resolution PDF brochures — submit inquiries through a custom form which stores those requests in an external database. A backend system ties into that database and serves as the foundation of a custom-built customer relationship management (CRM) system Ferncliff’s sales counselors use to generate and send emails with links to those brochures.

Ferncliff Cemetery Web-sie screen capture - Backend CRM

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