Customized WordPress Training

The best thing about WordPress is that anyone who can send an email with an attachment can build a Web site with it.

The worst thing about WordPress is the same thing.

(Yes, I plagiarized that from this scene in City Slickers in which Bruno Kirby’s character tells his best-day/worst-day story. Jump to 2:36 if you want.)

You Can Do It with WordPress!

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WordPress is extremely robust. What started out as a blogging system has matured into a full-blown CMS with which some of the biggest and best Web sites have been built. (Although I’ve been building custom Web sites since 1994 and still do when the circumstances dictate, almost all of my new Web-site projects are built with WordPress.)

And WordPress is so user-friendly that you don’t have to be a Web developer to use it. If you have enough computer-literacy, patience, and perseverence, you can build your own stunning and effective Web presence with it.

But maybe you could use some help…

  • Do you need a jump-start figuring out the WordPress dashboard?
  • Are you perplexed by plugins — not knowing which ones to use and how to use them?
  • Are you overwhelmed and confused by the plethora of theme choices?
  • Would you like some guidance on blogging best practices?

image signifying Kerfluffled with theme customizations that don't takeWhether you’re scratching your head over categories and tags; stuck on how to make menus work; frustrated with images that don’t show up like you want; kerfluffled with theme customizations that don’t take; losing your audience because your pages load too slowly — or wrestling with any number of other issues — I can help.

No, I don’t currently have any packaged lessons for you. Why not? Because no two WordPress users — whether Do-It-Yourself-ers or developers — have identical needs. And as a former educator (and student and school board member and president), I understand that education that doesn’t address a student’s needs results in frustration and buyer’s remorse — not learning.

Targeted, Customized WordPress Training

Instead, I will design (and virtually conduct) a customized WordPress training program that matches your needs.

Note for Fellow WordPress Developers: DIY-ers aren’t the only people I can help. If you’re a fellow developer, I can offer assistance on more advanced topics (extending WordPress with action/filter hooks; custom page templates; CSS; etc.).

Let’s Talk about WordPress Training!

How Virtual Training Works

No travel required! And no need to be limited by geography!

image signifying Virtual Training sessionOur training session or sessions will be conducted via Web conference screen-sharing using GoToMeeting, a Citrix company. All you need is your computer (PC or Mac) or supported mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android) with a high-speed Internet connection. Audio is handled through telephone or VoIP. If you have a WebCam, we can even meet face-to-face!

If you have an existing WordPress Web site, you can show me exactly what you need help with. If you don’t, we’ll use one of my demo sites. By switching presenters (you show me your screen and vice versa) and exchanging keyboard and mouse control, the training will be extremely interactive.

You can bring as many as 25 team members from 25 different locations into the training! What’s more, I’ll record every session and upload it to the Web so you can refer back to it whenever and as many times as you want.

Let’s Talk about WordPress Training!

PS: I also offer “60-for-60” Sessions…