About.me: WTF?

Today I tried to contact someone a trusted friend referred me to. My friend had given me the link to the fellow’s About.me page. A page on which I could find no telephone number. No email address. (Forget about a snail-mail address.) When I clicked his About.me page’s Email Me button, I was given the opportunity to send him a message — but only if I either joined About.me or authorized About.me to access my Facebook or Twitter accounts. Is it just me, or is anyone else annoyed by this kind of crapola?
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Why I Love Firebug for Firefox

Here’s a short video demonstrating just one way Firebug can help in Web design. I really don’t remember what I did before Firebug.

(Hat tip to compadre Mickey Mellen who inadvertently shamed me into upgrading to Snagit 11, which I used with glee to produce and upload this screencast.)

If you’ve got your own screencasts showcasing ways you use Firebug, please feel free to post them as video responses on my YouTube channel.

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Short(er) Form Video


If you’re scratching your head over Vine and Instagram video, Mitch Joel offers an interesting perspective in last week’s Short(er) Form Video blog article on Six Pixels of Separation. Money quote:

Who knows if Vine or Instagram will win this short-form social sharing video war? We just need to be asking better questions. For every “who cares?” or “why does this matter to my brand?,” it may be wiser to ask, “who is using this?” and “are they doing anything interesting with it?”.

When a client trivializes your work, call a time-out.

In the spring of my senior year at Harvard, I was awarded the contract to make passport photos for any of my fellow Quincy House residents who needed them. By "awarded the contract" I mean that the assistant to the House Master was a friend of mine who knew I knew my way around a darkroom (that may have come out wrong…), and so she gave the project to me. This is the story of a brief encounter with one of my customers — and what it still means to me 40 years later.
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Enough already with the formulaic blog titles

Scanning my newsfeeds tonight and finding way too many salesey, hypey headlines linking to boringly bland blog posts, I was overcome by a sudden and strong visceral dislike for the formulaic, overly-clever blog titles that are everywhere on the Web these days and which, admittedly, until tonight, I have been all too inclined to emulate (and recommend to others).

It’s got to stop. And stopping has to start with me.

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Post Formats have NOT been removed from WordPress 3.6 core


Contrary to what you may hear from sources who fire before ready and aim, Post Formats have not been removed from the core of WordPress 3.6, which is due to ship any day now. Only the new User Interface for Post Formats has been removed. My take from lurking around Make.WordPress.Core: The development team decided that the new user interface was too prominent for a feature that is still too little-known and too little-used. They feared it might have confused many users. I happen to agree. By the way, this WordPress blog post has been categorized as “General”, tagged with “WordPress” and “Post Formats”, and assigned the “Aside” Post Format.

Do you know what business you’re in?

When people ask you what you do for a living, do you answer in terms of the products or services you deliver or the activities you perform to deliver them? That’s fairly common and, of course, not actually wrong. But it’s also not particularly helpful or inspiring. Here’s an exercise that could dramatically improve the success potential of your business.
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HTML5 Outliner


If you run your HTML5 Web page through the w3.org validator, there’s a good chance your document’s outline will not show up. I wish I could offer a good explanation of why that is. But I can’t. However, if you want to see your HTML5 document’s outline, paste your URL in the URL box of this HTML5 outliner. (This online Web-page outliner will also outline pages with other doctypes.)