What Exactly is a Web Application, Anyway?

When I tell people my business is building and maintaining Web sites and Web applications and providing WordPress support services, I get interesting reactions.

Pretty much everyone knows what a Web site is.

Fellow WordPress developers/designers and WordPress Do-It-Yourselfers (people who build and manage their own WordPress Web sites) know what WordPress support means.

But many people don’t understand what I mean by “Web application“.

In this article, I attempt to explain.
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Offer Live Chat for Enhanced Customer Engagement and Sales

Tawk.to plugin image

Live Chat is here to stay, and smart businesses everywhere and in every industry are using it to provide the immediate personal touch that their prospects and customers long for. In this blog post, I discuss the Live Chat software I’m currently using (Tawk.to) and offer some reasons you ought to consider going “Live Chat” as soon as possible.
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Do I Need to Hire a WordPress Developer? – Part 1

Friends, family, acquaintances, and clients often ask the question, “Do I really need to hire a WordPress developer”? While WordPress is an extremely accessible tool for building Web sites, there are some reasons to consider bringing in a professional. In this admittedly thinly-veiled pitch, I offer some insights that focus on the potential problems associated with WordPress plugins – and how professional WordPress developers can avoid and address them.
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Side Effects of Rebuilding Web Sites to be Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Screen shot of mobile search in Google

What drives many to rebuild their existing Web sites to be responsive and mobile-friendly are justifiable concerns about user experience and search engine placement. After all, the need to make Web pages look and act right on small mobile devices has only intensified as more and more people spend proportionately more of their Internet time on those devices. And then there’s Google, who, on April 21, 2015, started boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. Yet it is a side effect of this rebuild process that may turn out to be the best reason of all to undertake it. In this article I share the insightful and unsolicited comments of a client with whom I am rebuilding his Web site to be responsive and mobile-friendly.
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Everything can be gamed

image of monopoly board, metaphor for everything can be gamed

Everything can be gamed. Broadcast emails can use merge codes to make you think you’re the only recipient. Views and likes and mentions can be bought. Introductory offers can hide the small print so many layers down that you forget to even look for it. But these games — and the traps within them — might say more about the game creators than about those who accept the invitation to play.
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Lessons Web Developers Won’t Learn in School

When I was interviewed recently for a blog article about “lessons Web developers won’t learn in school”, I knew without blinking what I’d say. If you’re a client of a Web developer, you might find what I had to say ostensibly arrogant. If you’re a fellow Web developer, you might be emboldened to let your cynical side run free. I hope neither is the case.
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Disambiguating Call To Action

I’ve been working with a number of clients recently on Web-site CTAs (Calls To Action).

In an effort to reduce ambiguity and confusion and to suggest a common vocabulary for planning and talking about CTA implementations, here are my working definitions of the components that comprise a Call To Action.
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How To Get 1,000 Twitter Followers In 24 Hours: Follow 1,016 People On Twitter

I’m kidding with this title, but it’s no joke. This does appear to be the strategy many follow to get Twitter followers. Call me curmudgeonly. But please explain it to me like I’m a six year-old: How does one follow 1,000 people on Twitter (not to mention 99,953)?
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Mistaking Me For Someone Who Cares

We all know that guy, the guy who tweets 48 times a day and appears never to have had an unexpressed thought. The guy who makes you think, “I’m sorry, but you must be mistaking me for someone who cares.” It’s easy to let the fear of becoming that guy discourage us from blogging and posting to social networks. Don’t. You’re probably not that guy. And if you start becoming that guy, people who care about you will let you know.
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Social Networking is a little like Baseball

Social networking is a little like baseball. Neither is rocket surgery, but both have their complexities and nuances. If you’ve decided to finally take the plunge, to give social networking the old college try, I say go for it. But have patience. Be prepared to tread water for a while. Every social network has its own peculiarities that take some time to comprehend.
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