Enhanced Media Library Pro Plugin for WordPress: First Look

While building a WordPress powered e-commerce website for a bridal shop that could have thousands of images to manage, I quickly realized we’d need a much better way to manage images than navigating through hundreds of Media Library screens — especially considering the very limited functionality of the native WordPress Media Library.

I considered several solutions before remembering that I had used the Enhanced Medial Library plugin (free version) on another client site. This is a first look at Enhanced Medial Library Pro (although I suppose it’s also a first look at the free version).

Spoiler alert: For a one-time payment of $25 for unlimited lifetime updates for unlimited sites, you might not have to read past this summary.

(But please do.)
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FooGallery Plugin for WordPress: First Look

The demise of the once unrivalled NextGen Gallery plugin for WordPress has nudged me to look for a replacement for several clients’ WordPress Web sites. My criteria for replacement candidates are simple, and I think I may have found it: FooGallery. This article is a first look at this gallery plugin.
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Embedded Facebook Posts available to all

As of today, Facebook’s embedded posts feature is available to all Facebook users. This feature allows owners of Web properties (like WordPress Web sites and blogs) to embed Facebook posts into those properties.

One might think, “It’s about time,” since we’ve been able to embed tweets in our Web properties for a long time. But hey, better late than never, right?

Check out this post for a live example.

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14 days exploring Pinterest, Day #3

Much of Day #3 in my 14 days exploring Pinterest involved more academic/meta activity: reading about Pinterest. Suddenly struck by the realization that I wasn’t following the very advice I give to every client who has ever asked me how to get started on social networks, I closed most of my browser windows and took actual, concrete (an odd term to use for something on the Internet, no?) steps to end the hypocrisy.
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14 days exploring Pinterest, Day #1

Despite the many enthusiastic testimonials I’ve heard and read (or at least seen headlines for in my newsreader) about the power of Pinterest to grow one’s business, I haven’t gotten it yet.

So I’ve decided to embark on a 14-day journey into Pinterest Land. I plan spend at least 24 minutes a day exploring and/or pinning to Pinterest. And I plan to post a daily update documenting my findings and my evolution as a Pinner (is that the right way to say it?). This is my post for Day 1.
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Tipsy WordPress Plugin from iThemes

iThemes, the makers of the great Backup Buddy plugin for WordPress sites, offers a number of useful plugins. One that I just downloaded and installed is Tipsy, which adds clickable pop-up tips that can include text, images, videos or embedded content.

This post is a test of how it works. Hover and click over certain strings of text to see it in action.

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