60-for-60 Sessions

Do you have questions about Web tools, strategies, techniques or technologies?

I may be able to help.

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Does any of this sound like you?


  • You’re building a DIY Web site and seek advice and guidance from a professional.
  • You’re confused by all the choices you have for building a new Web presence or upgrading your existing one.
  • Your head is spinning from all the hype about blogging and content marketing.
  • You’ve been wondering whether and how you could leverage social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others to expose more people to your value.
  • Your inbox is flooded with wild SEO claims from Search Engine Optimization specialists with email addresses like janjones9834@gmail.com.
  • Friends and family compliment you on your Web site, yet you’re still not getting enough traffic and sales and other conversions.

If that’s you, I may be able to help.

Sign up for a 60-for-60 Session Now!

Whether you want me to critique your current Web site, help you figure out which social networks are appropriate for you, put you on a path to setting up a free Web site at WordPress.com — or share my experiences and insights on any other topic related to making the Web work for you — I may be able to help.

I’ve been designing and building systems since 1983 and Web sites and Web applications since 1994. I know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the Web. So I’ve made listening and focusing on the human element the foundation of my consulting practice.

The 60-for-60 Session

Scene from a Web conference

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In a 60-minute Web Conference, I’ll answer your questions and offer my best advice. I can show you Web sites nSiteful has built; social media properties we manage; examples of blogs, both good and bad — and anything else that addresses your questions. We can look at your current Web site, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profile, etc. together. If you have PowerPoints, PDFs, graphic mockups, or any other file on your computer you want me to see, you can show them, too!


All you need is your computer (PC or Mac) or supported mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android) with a high-speed Internet connection.

GoToMeetingnSiteful uses GoToMeeting (a Citrix company) for all our Web conferencing. Using GoToMeeting requires a small, non-intrusive software download that can be performed at the time of our meeting. Audio is handled through telephone or VoIP.

If you have a WebCam, we can even meet face-to-face!

And the cost?


(But I bet you guessed that from the catchy name, 60-for-60.)

Let me know you’re interested, and I’ll send you an email invoice you can pay via PayPal (no PayPal account required). Once nSiteful receives your payment, I’ll contact you to arrange our 60-minute session.

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What about a free consultation?

Yes, I still offer 20-minute FREE, NO-OBLIGATION consultations for people who are considering hiring nSiteful.

A free 20-minute consultation will help you and me feel each other out. Our goal is to get a sense of whether nSiteful can help you and whether we’d like to work together. When these consultations go well, we take appropriate next steps toward working together. If the free consultation works for you, it works for me.

A 60-for-60 Session is different. The goal of a 60-for-60 session is to move you from Point A to Point B.


First-Timers only, please. The 60-for-60 Session is for first-time customers. Existing clients already have the option of receiving consulting services at virtually the same low hourly rate.

Technical Trouble-Shooting: If you have a very specific technical problem (e.g., a WordPress theme not doing what it’s supposed to do), it may be possible to trouble-shoot and solve the problem within our 60-minute session. However, in my experience, such things often take longer than anyone anticipates. In our first conversation — before you send any money — I’ll give you an honest assessment.

Sign up for a 60-for-60 Session Now!