About This Web Site

The official blog of nSiteful Web Builders, Inc.

The nSiteful Tech Blog (the official blog of nSiteful Web Builders, Inc. since January of 2013) is where I (Jeff Cohan) and (occasionally) associates will be posting articles of potential interest to like-minded techies, nSiteful clients who are playing active roles in the maintenance of their own Web sites and blogs, and pretty much anyone interested in how Web strategies and tools can help them reach their goals.

Some of the posts are restricted to "in-house personnel" (like our own little private sketchpad), so don’t be alarmed if you click on a link and meet up with a "Not Found" message:

I do encourage visitors to comment on blog articles. No registration required.

Note: This site is, among other things, a testbed for WordPress plugins. As of this writing, I’m using the Private Suite plugin as a way to distinguish between content that the general public can see and restricted content. The plugin isn’t perfect (or maybe I just haven’t figured out how to use it perfectly yet), but it’s pretty good.

For example, there are some category links and many tag links in the sidebar that are associated only with private posts. Ideally, you folks wouldn’t even see those tags listed – you’d see only those tags associated with public posts. I do feel badly that you might be clicking on links only to get a “Sorry, you’re not authorized” message. Bear with me. I’m still (always) learning, too!

Please do feel free to navigate over to the main site for my buiness — nSiteful.com.

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